Operation Management

Operation Management Applstream

The ultimate goal of any data management strategy is to get the right information to the right people in the right format at the right time, and at the end of its lifecycle, the information has to be disposed confidentially and safely.

For most people, data trends and exceptions to those trends are much easier to understand when they are presented visually. Information presented in a visual format allows users to  quickly perceive patterns or properties that they may not have anticipated and, consequently, to draw valuable conclusions more intuitively, holistically and rapidly.

The process of converting raw or numerical tabular data into a graphical depiction is known as data visualization. The premise behind data visualization is that looking directly at rows and rows of numbers and other data sets is rarely the best way to understand the data. One of the main goals of data visualization is to support decision-making through the use of properly designed graphical representations of information.

Data visualization technology has recently experienced a rapid evolution from simple charts and graphs to powerful and visually appealing “executive dashboards.” These dashboards replace drab, static tabular information with dynamic platforms. Similar to a dashboard on a vehicle, executive dashboards employ data visualization techniques to organize and present information graphically, making it easy to understand at a glance.

Increasingly, businesses are using interactive systems to dynamically and graphically display actual performance for topics such as sales numbers, customer satisfaction rates, employee performance assessments, merchandise and inventory levels, network performance, Web site hits, and so on.

Functions like:

  • Financial Analytics
  • Forecasting, Inventory Management etc
  • Performance Management, Debts, Purchases, Overdue, Supply’s etc
  • Production Management, BOM etc
  • Tracing Transactional Information from Aggregated Data (on-line drill down)
  • Identifying and Rectifying information dynamically with appropriate audit trails

We at ATTEYA UK have recognised these forces and produced a class leading Business Intelligent solution (ApplStream®) to assist Operational Management and their teams in keeping them accurately and timely informed of their business performance.


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