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ATTEYA Group was established in 2006 focused on developing specialised data reporting technologies for Oracle and Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS). We designed and developed a comprehensive information reporting solution for EBS – ApplStream®. Our extensive knowledge of EBS’s data model has enabled Atteya to create 22 modules in ApplStream® covering EBS’s areas of finance, logistics, purchasing, sales and production.

Each module is able to display numerous KPI reports. If the customer requires information or a report which is not covered by one of our modules, we have our SQL Intelligent solution which can configure bespoke reports to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

Our customers are in a number of sectors including transport, automotive industry, utilities, financial services, manufacturing, production, etc.  With references showing 30% cost reductions per annum for our European customers, Atteya is forging ahead in further developing our information solution.

As shown in todays market place;

Ignorance is no longer acceptable.

Atteya Cost Reduction Reporting

Applstream Low Cost Investment

Unique Licencing Strategy – Unlimited Users

Reduction in licences whilst improving access to appropriate information to user requirements

Removal of external IT assistance costs in relation to analysis and reporting

Optimised Cash Flow and Reduced Warehouse Stock

Reduced costs for operation and support of data warehouse


ATTEYA Group have developed DNA Technology!

DNA Technology achieves record-breaking results in database searches, with a simple to use, and yet exceptional reporting ability . Atteya have been focused on Oracle EBS reporting,  for which we have developed 22 different modules.  Due to demand, we are now developing solutions for SAP and JD Edwards.

Our technology works with online production databases, and is able to process thousands of queries within an hour without stress on database servers.

DNA Technology

Please Visit ATTEYA Official Website

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